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How can help to your company.
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Software for operating own loyalty programs.
Software for operating own loyalty programs.
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Eastbiz Net - software solutions for loyalty programs

We have over 11 years experience with operating and developing software for web based low cost loyalty programs. See our presentation how the loaylty program works.

How loyalty program can help to your business?
- Attracting new customers and users
- Keeping them
- Stimulate purchase and repeat purchasing
- Gathering information.

What are the advantages of using loyalty programs?
- Reduced marketing costs through better targeting
- More personalized service through more accurate consumer data
- Lower acquisition costs; lower transaction costs by moving customers online.
- Reduced cost of sale through increased customer loyalty.

Easbiz Net can help you operate your own loyalty program.
- We provide software solutions for loyalty programs.
- We offer our know-how in running loyalty programs in consultancy services.

Our offer
- Easy to install MS ASP based software to run your own loyalty programs within minutes. Can be hosted on your server or we will provide a hosting. Similar to airlines frequent flier miles programs, where points can be redeemed in hotels, car rentals, etc. You choose the rewards and possibilities to earn miles.
- Online statements for users are available on the web. The cost of operating a loyalty program is hugely reduced. No need to print statements or send them by mail to customers. Admin is through a web interface.
- Option to print bar code membership cards directly from admin interface. No special programs required. Every user can print their own membership card.
- Set your own redeem rewards or cash compensation. You set your own exchange rate for points.
- Add or redeem points for users using regular bar code scanner or online.
- Option to use magnetic cards and magnetic printers.



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